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Ashley grew up in a small town in Vermont and was active in a variety of sports growing up, but fell in love with field hockey and played throughout middle school and high school. Once Ashley started attending college at Colgate University, sports, and any type of exercise really, went on a long hiatus.... fast forward several years, and Ashley is currently married to her husband Matthew and has two daughters, Penelope, 4, and Quinn, 1. 
While living in Tampa, and still on her working out "hiatus," one of her mom friends told her that she had to try out an iStroll class. Ashley was hesitant to attend as it had been so long since she had last worked out, but wanted to meet some mom friends and figured she'd give it a whirl. After attending several classes, Ashley became hooked - and surprisingly to everyone that knew her, started loving working out and the amazing support system that iStroll provided her. She can now be found working out at random playgrounds while her kids play, and actually enjoying running and pushing herself to be her strongest self! 
When her husband's job with the Air Force moved her up north to Massachusetts, she knew sh
e had to open her own iStroll in order to share her passion of fitness, spending time with children, and building an awesome support group with others. She can't wait to meet you and motivate you to reach all of your fitness goals, while having a lot of fun along the way!