Sara grew up in Erie Pennsylvania, and from a young age was active in sports, including year round soccer, swim team, track, tennis and skiing.  Like many, Sara also struggled with weight and poor body image throughout middle school and high school. To combat that, she did the only thing she knew worked... She exercised! In high school, Sara ran distance on the track team to stay in shape for soccer season and running became her therapy. After high school, Sara was recruited for the Army... It wasn't a hard sell... The recruiter told her she could get paid to workout and go to college for free.. And she said "where do I sign up?!" The Army engrained in her a love for group exercise, motivation, accountability and her never quit attitude! She's a graduate of Penn State University, a marathoner, and a 13 year Army and Afghan Campaign Veteran. She is married to James and has a beautiful 16 month old daughter, Hannah. After gaining over 80lbs with her pregnancy, Sara struggled with postpartum depression, poor body image, sleep depravation, and chronic pain.  iStroll Clarksville was there to get her back on her feet. The iStroll moms quickly became her extended family, her biggest cheerleaders and most importantly, her friends! "They understood my struggles, they were there to push me to break my barriers, and they have my back... No matter what!" Sara truly believes you can do anything you put your mind long as you tell the voice in your head telling you "I can't, I'm tired, it's too hard" to eff off! Sara loves meeting new people and helping others break their own barriers and to reach their goals! Sara is an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor and CPR/AED certified through the American Red Cross.

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