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Linsey Parkins is a Tri-Cities native. She grew up in Jonesborough, graduated from ETSU with a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene, and has worked as a hygienist for ten years in Johnson City, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Central Wisconsin.  Linsey is also certified yoga instructor and has a passion for snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking. 

During the summer of 2016 before the birth of their first son, Wyatt, Linsey and her husband Garren left Chattanooga to move back to the Tri-Cities.  Since moving home and having another son, Boone, Linsey has struggled to find time for her yoga, outdoor hobbies, and weekly exercise routine & community.  She knew she had to find a solution.

Intro iStroll. During August of 2017, Linsey attended a class with her sister in Bowling Green,  KY and immediately knew that this is the dynamic fitness experience Johnson City's moms and dads need. Six weeks after the birth of baby two,  Mr. Boone, Linsey began taking steps to launch her branch in Johnson City! 

Linsey's is so excited to start this adventure with like-minded parents in my hometown! She believes the Tri-Cities parents deserve a progressive program like iStroll and wants to create a positive example by communicating the importance of wellness and exercise to her my children and community!