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Erinn is an energetic leader with a gypsy soul and love of glitter. She's extremely passionate about healthy living and motivating people to push themselves to realize their full potential. It's no surprise she grew up cheerleading because she brings big enthusiasm and a positive spirit to all of her workouts.Tell her you can't do a push-up or run a mile and she'll say: if you can dream it, you can do it.  
When asked about her favorite hobby, she'll definitely say running. Erinn has completed a bazillion races from 5ks to marathons to multi-day race challenges.She's one bad mother runner! 
She's proud to call herself a wife to her hunky husband, Frank and mom to her sweet baby girl, Stella. iStroll is a big part of her life because it allows her to spend time doing what she loves without sacrificing time with her daughter. It also allows her to connect with other moms and dads in the same stage of life, forming a strong support group!
The momma loves a challenge and is ready to take on anything life throws at her. Meet her on the track for a killer sweat sesh, at an iStroll workout... or at the bar for good glass of red wine :)