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Hello! I am Danielle Schiff and I am just like you. My days are full of family, work and house duties and it's always seemed as if there's never enough time for myself. But what if all that could change? What if we can come together motivating and lifting each other up as women and mothers to raise healthy, happy children while benefiting ourselves without jeopardizing bonding with our children? That's my goal as an iStroll instructor. 
I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have two young boys! Having the ability to become a mother and watching them grow is the biggest reward I could ever dream.
I have experience working in local fitness gyms, and even in their childcares; another reason iStroll makes so much sense to me! I often saw many parents reluctantly leaving their upset babies in someone else's care. At iStroll you'll not only be able to spend time with your baby, but you'll show them what happy and healthy is, all the while being outdoors!
I have the same active, motherly hobbies as each of you and meeting other mothers to bond with would allow our children new friends and us as mothers new friends. It's a win win!!! I am into scrap booking, arts & crafts, embroidery, going for walksand runs and playing with my boys. I am also a license cosmetologist. I am GFI, CPR, and AED certified

I can't wait to meet you and starting our journey to better health together!!!